3 thoughts on “NYTimes: Fitness Crazed

  1. This article seems to sum up so much of what I’ve experienced. All these devices and new theories of how muscles can be confused into shape just don’t fit with the hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. This advice — though I would have added walking into his mix — makes so much sense. What I would like to ask is: is his list of weight lifting activities the one you would choose? If so, would this also be true for a 40+ person with the expected bad back, knees, etc.?

    Thank you for spotting this article!

    1. Use appropriate substitutions. Front Squats, Leg Press and lunges are usually ok for back issues, and try to strengthen the back muscles in the meantime. For knee issues determine a starting weight and range of motion for all the exercises that are (knee) pain free, and then gradually increase the weight in baby steps on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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