1 Minute Workouts…uh…no.

repeat after me: there is no such thing as magic…no such thing as magic…no such thing as magic…no such thing a magic.

Before you work out for 1 intense minute, the study had the participants warm up for 12 minutes at 60% intensity, and then cool down for 12 minutes until they dropped back to 60% intensity. Compared to the standard model of warming up for 5 minutes getting to 60%, hovering between 70-75% for 20 minutes, then cooling down for 5 minutes. Do the math. The workouts are actually statistically almost identical, and the proof is the fact they they achieved identical results in all the participants, who were all young males that were very out of shape to begin with. All 30 of them. 

Yeah, those are results we can extrapolate out to 300,000,000 Amercians. Sure they are. Please don’t be stupid. Remember, the NYT can’t help it. If they don’t publish something to get your attention, they will go out of business. So they’ll publish pretty much anything, same for medical journals and science journals, and television stations. But that’s not how science works. You want an amusing and disturbing explanation for what’s going on with the media and scientific journalism? Click the following link. It’s an entertaining and frustratingly accurate 20 minute segment well worth your time.

John Oliver explains scientific studies and the media.


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