NYTimes: ‘Fed Up’ Asks, Are All Calories Equal?

And this eternal debate goes on. Everything the anti-sugar/starchy food crusaders claim is most likely true. Except for the billions of people for whom it is not true. Billions of people subsist on starchy high glycemic foods as their main staple; anyone notice asians and their addiction to RICE? Yes, there are obese asians, but it is not an epidemic level problem. These researchers will not get to the bottom of this problem until they stop looking at this issue as a strictly external one, but how specific populations respond to specific types of staple foods.

That being said, if you are battling weight problems your solution could very well be in this article.


A new documentary challenges the idea that the cure for obesity simply means eating fewer calories and exercising more.

“ Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. ” – Arthur Schopenhauer


2 thoughts on “NYTimes: ‘Fed Up’ Asks, Are All Calories Equal?

  1. I’m a bit confused here. It indicates that it’s countering the “calorie is a calorie” statement, but it seems to be saying what is really happening is that some calories, such as in nuts, are not biologically available and thus aren’t being counted by the body and that sugar makes one want to eat more. So, what I’m taking away is that some foods should be recalculated to show what the number of calories a human body will realize. But the article then says that sugar impacts other functions and those functions may cause weight problems via mechanisms other than accumulating and expending calories. So, I guess my question is: should we re-measure calories or is sugar doing something to use independent of consuming/burning calories?

    1. I’d argue that individuals who are sensitive to sugars need to avoid them. Calories ARE calories inso far as they otherwise affect individuals. So if you’re sure you’re eating correctly and are still gaining weight cut back on simple sugars. If your weight is fine, don’t change your diet.

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