Exercise Intensity & Overtraining

The New York Times ran a great story in its health section this week, on exercise intensity, overtraining, and the insanity of some of the current marketing trends in the fitness industry.

Unlike their article on the value of icing, it is authoritative, well written, coherent, and uses respected experts to explain the points made. Read it here.


3 thoughts on “Exercise Intensity & Overtraining

  1. I wonder how many regular gym members get to this point. I do see a few people trying to “burn out” their XYZs, but mostly I see people taking lots of breaks. What I’m wondering about is the related issue of over use of a muscle or tendon. While I don’t see a lot of people working out too much in a general sense, I do come across a number of people with sore knees and shoulders — and of course backs. That may be over use of one muscle group, lack of warm up, bad technique, etc.


  2. I’m not quite sure whether this is the right place to ask this question but seemed the best bet. Someone sent me this link about best ways to get skinny fat. I understand the concept but I think some of the bullet points beg for context and explanation. Here’s the link: http://www.functionalfitmag.com/blog/2012/01/31/top-10-ways-skinny-fat/

    It specifically mentions that spin classes actually increase lower body fat. Further, in the comments section, someone cited that spin classes are a waste of time. It’s really not going to stop me from going to spin class because I do it for many different reasons but it would be nice to get the skinny on the things pointed out, forgive the pun.

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