How I ate on this lazy rainy/snowy/slushy day

10 AM: 20 oz coffee. (80 calories)

11 AM: 20 oz of coffee and 2 fried eggs on a small bun. (380 calories)

2 PM: small apple. (60 calories)

7 PM: large bowl of homemade Minestrone soup with 5 mini meatballs. (500 calories)

I’ll probably have 2 glasses of coca cola around 9 PM with some microwave popcorn. (~ 400 calories)

On my low activity crappy weather lazy day I will have consumed about 1420 calories total. If i had worked out, and/or worked all day, my calorie total would have been somewhere between 2000 and 3000. What did you do today? Did you exercise or sit on the couch like me? How many calories did you consume if you took the day off from all effort?


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