NYTimes: Coffee Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk

My love affair with coffee strengthens:


Drinking more coffee may decrease your risk of Type 2 diabetes, while cutting down may increase your risk, a new study found.

ā€œ Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. ” – Arthur Schopenhauer


6 thoughts on “NYTimes: Coffee Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk

  1. Would you expect the same to be true of tea? BTW, are all forms of coffee the same? I don’t mean mixed with milk, but espresso versus other forms of preparation.

    1. They said it’s not the coffee per se, but the high concentration of antioxidants and the caffeine combined in the specific ratios. Tea has not shown similar health benefits.

      1. Thank you. I’m so use to tea being considered healthier . When you say “specific ratios”, do all coffees count? For example, freezed dried, espresso, etc. ?

      2. They didn’t specify. Usually they test against traditional brewing. Espresso would likely possess less antioxidants because the water is pressure forced thru the grinds faster with less time to absorb micronutrients. And the reason you (and so many others) believe coffee is bad is rather fascinating history. At the turn of the century C. W. Post founded Post cereal, and realized he could make hot beverages from it. He also realized his direct competitor would be coffee. And thus began a coffee demonizing campaign at a time when no government regulations existed. He took out full page ads in all the major newspapers and print media of the time making outrages and totally fabricated harmful claims about coffee consumption along with equally fabricated health claims about postum. He invented studies and created fictional doctors and ran it for years. Tea was left out of his attacks because tea drinkers were a very small minority at that time.

      3. Some much of the good ole days of simpler times and plain spoken people. I guess the picture of snake oil salesmen is more appropriate. šŸ˜¦

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