Loosen Up: 4 Yoga Poses For Tight Hamstrings

The fitness world is a funny place to live. Very knowledgeable fitness experts will gladly tell the world the right, and wrong, ways to train. “Do this, never do that” kind of things.

The official term for movements and exercises that we recommend never doing is contraindicated. There are a lot of reasons an expert or the entire industry might declare something contraindicated, but the majority of the time it’s because the reasoning behind the exercise is outside the scope of knowledge of the expert or the expert and the industry at large doubts our ability to perform the exercise correctly, and the risk of injury in that case out ways the potential benefit of doing it right.
There are a lot of reasons people have a difficult time performing certain exercises with proper form, but the 4 most common reasons are:
1) we don’t pay attention when being taught

2) our muscles are so tight and out of balance we can’t move thru the range of motion properly

3) our muscles are moderately tight and inhibit our movement so that when we attempt to attain a certain range of motion; that was arbitrarily set based on a non existent norm; our form breaks down

4) we weren’t taught properly to begin with; either the trainer rushed through the exercise instruction or didn’t know how to do it properly themselves.

Regardless, remember that when you look at an illustration of how an exercise ought to be performed you are being shown an ideal, perfect situation, one that seldom exists and in our cases probably never can exist. Use the image as a guideline. Move as though you were attempting to mimic that image, and stop the movement at just before the point where you cannot maintain the proper form. This is true with weight lifting. This is true with yoga. Now read the article so you can improve your abilities to whatever degree is possible.

Loosen Up: 4 Yoga Poses For Tight Hamstrings

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