Squat Like A Baby: 7 Reasons this is a Ridiculous Myth

Dear Scott,

One of the currently trendy blanket statements in the fitness field is “Squat Like a baby”… where fitness professionals are observing the way a baby is able to perform a full (deep) squat and then make this criteria “the movement standard” for how they feel their adult clients and athletes should also be able to squat.

In today’s article, I’m going to provide you with 7 reasons for why we’re not on the “squat like a baby” bandwagon”, and quite frankly feel this blanket recommendation is not only potentially dangerous, but also so ridiculous that it’s an insult to the intelligence of fitness professionals.

And, I’ll also provide you with our simple, battle-tested effective approach (that actually does make scientific sense and follows common sense) we’ve used for helping our clients (of all ages and fitness levels) to find their optimal squat style.

Squat Like A Baby: 7 Reasons this is a Ridiculous Myth

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