NYTimes.com: Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups

This is one of the good articles.  It’s actually accurate.  I myself have helped train 5 women over 28 years to be able to perform a pull up.  Sadly, that’s a statistic I’m proud of, since I know the extreme disadvantages women have in upper body strength.  Anyway, read and enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “NYTimes.com: Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups

  1. I feel proud of myself!
    I practiced and got myself to do about 4 or 5
    Pull ups in a row. It was hard work! Not impossible just hard work and I felt it all over not just in my upper body. I think overall body conditioning plays a role.

    1. That is awesome, given how much less muscle mass females have in their upper bodies compared to males, on average.

      Overall conditioning does play a huge role, especially the core! But your body shape is also ideal. You’re not too tall, your arms and legs not too long (very long limbs create mechanical disadvantages in terms of leverage). And you’ve worked hard for a long time and you’re in spectacular shape overall as a result!.

      As the article points out, if you were a few inches taller, or your body proportions different (my wife has a very short torso and very long limbs) it would become more unlikely that you’d ever be able to accomplish what you did.

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