Testosterone marketing frenzy draws skepticism – Yahoo! News

This has been going on for almost 15 years now under the guise of “Life Extension Therapy”, but is now entering the mainstream of medical science.  I’m not judging, myself.  These kinds of treatments are inevitable, much as drugs in sports is.  This is the future we are heading towards, whether we like it or not.  Future generations, I imagine, will wonder what we were fussing over.

Testosterone marketing frenzy draws skepticism – Yahoo! News.


2 thoughts on “Testosterone marketing frenzy draws skepticism – Yahoo! News

  1. I like the part about men with family histories of prostrate cancer not taking the medication. But almost everyone who lives long enough will have prostrate cancer.

    But, in situations were someone may not be able to continue an active lifestyle and thus will start a downward spiral, I think such treatments — including steroids — should be considered. As for reasons of vanity, that’s something less supportable.

    1. I’d agree it’s less supportable if insurance was going to cover it, but if it’s costs are not covered under insurance programs, I’m not sure it’s anyone’s business, including the governments, as long as their is full disclosure made to the patient, about any risks, and the patients are carefully screened.

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