The old myth of the muscle bound, “muscle headed” weight lifter has been dying a slow death. The evidence has been accumulating over the last 5 years that traditional weight training offers dramatic benefits for brain health, memory improvement, and reduction of risks for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not just cardio, folks.


Would you lift weights if you knew it would sharpen your thinking?

There is growing evidence to substantiate that even something as simple as basic weight training can help protect against memory loss. In addition, it has been shown to keep thinking sharp, and prevent early onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions.

A recent six-month Canadian study examined the affects of strength training in inhibiting progression of dementia in women 70+ years of age. The outcome of the study proved favorable. It showed that exercise could be used as a mechanism for decreasing the rate of mental deterioration. This finding would not only prove beneficial with the elderly, but could also be applied to younger populations. There have been veritable studies released over the years showing the positive affects of exercise on young men and women. These affects include increased acuity, improved cognition, and mental quickness.

Another study…

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