Congratulations Julie Johnson!

Just want to share this with everyone paying attention to my postings:

My one time client and friend, recently competed in her 1st strength competition to raise money for the MDA (muscular dystrophy association) and placed 1st in two out of three events! She is the beach press and dips champion!

Congrats Julie! You’ve gotta be the fittest Medical student I’ve ever trained!


3 thoughts on “Congratulations Julie Johnson!

  1. Awe, thanks, Scott! And to think at the beginning of the year I could hardly do a single chin up on my own 🙂 I don’t even hate doing them any more!

  2. Thanks! It was a small competition… no more than 15 girls participating (around 80 people total) and it was a fundraising event as Scott mentioned. There were 3 competitions: bench press, tricep dips, and pull-ups (chin-ups for the girls). I benched 105 and then next best girl did 85. I did 14 dips (next best girl did 4). And I did 15 chin-ups which got me 2nd place (behind 22).

    As far as training I haven’t done much weight lifting at all recently since I was more focused on a triathlon that I did 3 weeks ago. But I was training with Scott in the winter. We didn’t do much bench press and I think I only tried dips on one occasion. But we did work a lot on chin-ups — in the beginning I did a lot of assisted chin-ups so that I didn’t have to lift my full body weight, but that changed with time. For more specific details you’ll have to ask Scott since he’s the brains behind the training. We did a lot of work to target all of the major muscle groups even though we weren’t always doing bench press or tricep dips.

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