As I’ve written in the past, creatine supplementation can be very useful for many kinds of athletes and exercisers. Read this post for an excellent, thoughtfully researched examination.


Hey all!

Continuing to trudge through my semester- final stretch before exams, cannot wait until christmas!! Still loving my job and have found a new love with kale chips :p lol. I’ve been a little unmotivated with training over the past month but after not being able to compete this past weekend (work :() I’ve gotten a little inspiration and am back full force :). Did a pretty good workout today, I’m sure my shoulders will be wrecked tomorrow :p.

Also just trying to figure out the pictures on wordpress, if this works heres a pic of me climbing at the Red! 🙂

So on a related topic, and something I’ve been pretty interested in because I’m both a vegan and do a sport where power is important; todays post will be on creatine! Be warned, its a long one lol.

Vegetarians have been shown to have better or equal cardiorespiratory…

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