My workouts…

So the first week of my new regimen went like this: Chest & Back


  1. Olympic flat bench press Set 1: 95lbs x 15 reps (warm up) 60 second rest Set 2: 135 x12 reps (deeper warm up) 60 second rest Set 3: 185 x 3 (heavy warm up) 90 second rest Set 4: 185 x 7 reps ( near muscular failure) 90 seconds rest Set 5: 185 x 6 reps (near muscular failure) 90 seconds rest Set 6: 185 x 3 reps (momentary muscular failure) 90 seconds rest 
  2. Dumbbell incline press 45lbs x 12 reps 60 seconds rest, 55 x 10 reps 60 seconds rest, 65 x 6 reps (momentary muscular failure) 90 seconds rest
  3. Standing Cable Fly (free motion machine on 4th floor): 70 lb. x 15, 80 lb. x 11, 90 lb. x 8 (momentary muscular failure) all sets had a 90 second rest between them


  1. Pull Ups Set 1: body weight (164 lb.) x 3 reps.  Ended the exercise due to a severe twinge in my left biceps tendon (where the biceps muscle inserts into the crux of the elbow)
  2. Lat Pull down: 90 lb. x 15 reps (testing the arm) 60 second rest, 110 lb. x 10 reps 60 second rest, 120 lb. x 8 reps 90 second rest, 140 lb. x 2 reps (the twinge again; decided to switch the movement pattern from downward pull to inward pull)
  3. One Arm Cable Bent forward rows (using cable cross machine, bottom pulley): 100 lb. x 12 reps (performed with each arm before rest) 60 sec rest, 130 lb. x 8 reps 90 sec rest, 150 x 4 reps (momentary muscular failure achieved on each arm; no twinge issue)

Workout ended.  

There were no residual issues with my left arm afterward.  I did not perform lower body workout due to lack of motivation, and decided to skip the shoulder and arm day until I’m sure the left biceps issue has been resolved.  I did repeat the chest/back routine, with the exact same results including the biceps twinge.  I plan on truing to get thru the whole weeks worth of workouts again starting tonight.