I wanted to do a blog on Body Image, but it’s turning into a rather long essay and is a bit more slow going and editing heavy on my part. So, for the weekend I want to give anyone paying attention to this blog a little homework. I believe it will tie into the essay on some level.

I’d like you to set aside one hour of your time this weekend, to honestly ask yourself these two questions: “Why did I start working out? Why do I work out, now”?

Really think about it honestly. Get down to the kernel of truth. Don’t settle for the surface answer. If your initial thought is to say “to look better”, then dig deeper. What do you think looking better will do? How do you think you look? Is that why you still work out or has the motivation changed?

If your initial thought “is to be healthier”, then are you really thinking you’re unhealthy? Why do you think that? Do you have family medical history that you’re trying to mitigate? Do you have injuries that have affected the quality of your life that you’re trying to overcome?

Is it about sports performance? Are you competitive? Do you need to be the best at your thing? Are you or might you get to be, a professional? If not, what is really driving you? Might it link up to some other issue even deeper?

Maybe it’s a social reason. Boredom, loneliness, whatever it is, think about it and smash it up, pulverize it, and get to the subatomic truth of the matter.

Don’t lie to yourself and don’t be afraid of sounding shallow. Don’t give the answer you think you’re supposed to give. Give the truth, and then decide if you want to share it. If you feel like sharing with the world, post it. If you feel like sharing with me, send it in an email. If you want to keep it private, just don’t ignore it yourself, too.

I’ll be at a fitness conference all day tomorrow (Saturday), but I’ll find the time throughout the day and share my story sometime tomorrow (Is there anything I can’t do on my iPhone? Well, a few things, I guess)

As usual, don’t hesitate to ask your own questions.