2 thoughts on “10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

  1. This is quite interesting — perhaps a bit sobering. I see that weight lifting is mentioned several times and that far less attention is given to running — the usual weight loss exercise.


    1. Everything a more muscular body does, costs more energy (calories) to do. Even breathing. Cardio is an important component, no question, but the older we get, the less effective it becomes as it does nothing to enhance, or at the very least reduce the loss, of muscle that is lost to the natural aging process. So running, and other cardio, becomes a less effective calorie burner the older you get because you have to move less muscle (the tissue that is responsible for using calories as energy). If a person refuses to incorporate weight training, they must start restrictiong calories with increasing severity. All those studies you might have read a few years back about people on extremely low calorie diets living longer felt with individuals who were otherwise sedentary, and were compared to a control group of other sedentaries who were eating normally. Problem was, they never reported what “normally” was, and I might hazard a guess that the control group diet was way too much. In the scheme of things, when it comes to health and longevity, a little too skinny trumps a little too fat every time. When the American Heart Association rates risk factors for coronary artery disease, it says that overweight counts for a 90% factor, with all the others (cholesterol, family history, actual diet, etc) making up the other 10%.

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